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National Steel Swaging Sleeves

The National Die Guide will assist you in selecting the proper dies to meet your swaging needs.
  • For Flemish eye wire rope splicing.
  • Designed for low temperature toughness.
  • Resists cracking when swaged
    (equals or exceeds stainless steel sleeves).
  • Special processed low carbon steel.
  • "COLD TUFF"® for better swageability.
  • Can be stamped for identification after swaging without concern for fractures when following these directions.
  • Use round corner stamps to a maximum depth of 0.015 in. (1/64). The area for stamping should be on the side of the sleeve in the plane of the sling eye, and no less than 0.250 in. (1/4) from either end of the sleeve.
  • Standard Steel Sleeve terminations have efficiency ratings as follows based on the catalog strength of wire rope.


S-505 Termination Efficiency
Type of Wire Rope *
1/4 - 1
1-1/8 - 2
2-1/8 and Larger
** NOTE: S-505 Standard Sleeves are recommended for use with 6 x 19 or 6 x 37, IPS or XIP (EIP), XXIP (EEIP), RRL, FC or IWRC wire rope.
Before using any National Swage fitting with any other type lay, construction or grade of wire rope, it is recommended that the termination be destructive tested and documented to prove the adequacy of the assembly to be manufactured.   "Cross Section of Swaged Sleeve"

National QUIC-PASS® Swaging System
"The Next Generation in Swaging Systems"

The QUIC-PASS® swaging system allows "Flemish style" wire rope terminations to be swaged in only two passes.
This is accomplished while maintaining currently published efficiency ratings and utilizing National Swage S-505 Standard
"COLD TUFF"® Steel Sleeves.

  • Allows the swaging process to be completed in just two passes. Resulting in a 50-75% reduction in the number of passes required with conventional swaging systems.
  • Allows the dies to close completely with each pass, resulting in...
  • An increase in overall swaging process efficiencies (the job can be performed quicker).
  • A reduction in the complexity of swaging (the concern for excess flashing between dies has been eliminated).
  • A reduction in training time needed for operators (more user friendly).
  • The finished sleeve has a "Hex" appearance that provides a QUIC-CHECK® look to determine if the termination has been swaged and provides a flat surface that allows for ease of I.D. stamping on the finished sleeve.